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    Fort Leonard Wood, MO - Educational Services

    Educational services are offered by the Army Community Service Center which offers career counseling and resume readiness assistance as well as guidance with tuition assistance applications and testing facilities. The Truman Education Center at Fort Leonard Wood is located in Building 499 and offers over 70 undergraduate and post-graduate degree programs from such universities as Columbia College, Drury University, and Park University. For more specific information regarding programs and services contact the Education Center at 573-596-0172.

    Truman Education Center
    268 Constitution Avenue, Bldg. 499,
    Fort Leonard Wood, MO 65473-8934

    Phone (573) 596-0172
    DSN 581-0172
    FAX (573) 596-0569

    Here are a few of the services offered:

    Counseling- Professional guidance counselors are available to inform each Soldier and Family Member of opportunities to achieve educational/career goals.

    One-stop training and educational support services.

    Learning Resource Center- Provides computer resources and Internet access. Students can take advantage of self-paced study and distance learning opportunities, partial MOS and research material.

    Testing- Offers tests for non-traditional credit leading to promotion points or college placement. We also offer specialized tests. Most tests are given to military personnel free of charge.

    Tuition Assistance(TA)- Helps defray tuition costs for active duty Soldiers attending off-duty courses leading to a diploma, certificate or degree.